A13.3601 Metallurgical Microscope, Transmit & Reflect Light

Short Description:

  • Brand New Design Upright Metallurgical Microscope 2023
  • Transmit & Reflect 5W LED Light Source For Metallurgical Observation
  • Epi Reflect Light With Iris Diaphragm, Field Diaphragm, Polarizer + Analyzer
  • LWD Infinity Plan Metallurgical Objectives 5x10x20x50x, (100x Optional)
  • Double Layer Mechanical Stage 145x132mm, Moving 76x50mm With Glass Plate

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A13.3601 Metallurgical Microscope, Transmit & Reflect Light -B -T Cata. No.
Optical System Infinity Color Corrected Optical System  
Viewing Head Gemel Binocular Head, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance: 54mm~75mm, Left Diopter ±5 Adjustable    
Gemel Trinocular Head, 30° Inclined, Interpupillary Distance: 54mm~75mm, Left Diopter ±5 Adjustable,
Splitting Ratio R:T=50:50, With 0.5x Focusing C-mount
Eyepiece High Eye-point Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/20mm  
Infinity Large Working Distance Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 5x N.A. 0.15 W.D.12 A5D.3633-5
10x N.A. 0.3 W.D.16 A5D.3633-10
20x N.A. 0.4 W.D.12 A5D.3633-20
50x N.A. 0.55 W.D.9.15 A5D.3633-50
100x N.A. 0.8 W.D.2.1 A5D.3633-100
Nosepiece Inward Quadruple  
Frame Transmitted & Reflected Frame With Glass Plate, Coaxial Focus System With Tension Adjustment And Up-limited Device, Coarse Range: 23mm, Fine Precision: 0.002mm.  
Working Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage With X/Y Coaxial Adjustment, Size: 190mmX150mm, Moving Range: 76mmX50mm, Metal Plate For Transmitted Frame; Glass Plate For Transmitted & Reflected Frame.  
Reflected Illumination Reflected Lamp-house With Single 5W LED, Warm White Color. Koehler Illuminator With Center Adjustable Field And Aperture Diaphragm. External Wide-range Adapter, Input Voltage 100V-240V_AC50/60Hz, Output Voltage DC12V2A.  
Transmitted Illumination Single 3W LED, White Color, With N.A.1.25 Abbe Condenser For Transmitted Light, With Center Preset Aperture Iris Diaphragm.  
Polarizing Polariser And Analyzer. Analyzer Is Adjustable With 360° Rotation.  
C-Mount 0.35x, Focus Adjustable A55.3623-35
0.5x, Focus Adjustable A55.3623-05
1.0x, Focus Adjustable A55.3623-10

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